Join Our Network of Licensed Professionals

Globe Home Protection sells residential home protection plans on new and existing homes. We are looking for air conditioning, heating, appliance, electrical, plumbing, roofing and well contractors to service our customers.

We are looking forward to forming a strong relationship with select vendors. If you have any questions please feel free to call our Claims Department at 800-842-2177 ext. 2, or send us an email


Steps to Becoming a Globe Home Protection Approved Vendor

1. Sign up for an account at Globe Home Protection
2. Verify email, and then sign into your account
3. Create your profile including all contact info
4. Select your servicing zip codes
5. Select your areas of work

6. Upload (or email/fax) your trade license
7. Upload (or email/fax) your certificate of insurance
8. Download the Service Agreement - fill out and upload or email/fax back to us
9. Download Taxpayer ID Form - fill out and upload or email/fax back to us

After we review and approve your profile, you will start receiving calls and emails for work in your specified area. Review the Work Order for our procedures and terms.